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Security has become a matter of paramount concern of every modern organization today. Visitor Management is one of the very important aspects of security management. Though it appears to be a very straight forward operation, getting uniformity in all the policies at an organization level is a complex job.
The visitor Alert system seeks to provide an electronic version of the visitor sign-in sheet or visitor log book that is commonly used at many facilities. Electronic visitor management systems make the visitor sign-in process more efficient and provide an improved ability to track visitors.

Visitors Alert is the process of allowing the visitor to enter the premises based on permission or appointment and collection of personal details of the visitor for the purpose of safety on the part of the company or the organization.

So, overall Visitor Alert creates a welcoming atmosphere for the visitor while maintaining a very high standard of security.

Why Visitor Alert?

Why is Visitor Management necessary?
A visitor is an individual about whom the security knows almost nothing, who visits only for few hours and not likely to visit again and hence it is necessary to keep a tab of the visitor from a security point of view.

 Visitor Alert keeps a database of visitors who have previously visited the facility, their details and the department and the officer or employee they visited, which can be retrieved within seconds during subsequent visits.


    Who is In?
    Provides accurate data on visitors who are still on the premises as well as how much time they have spent so far on the premises. This helps security to know if a visitor has exceeded their allotted time.

    Employee Visitor Pre-registration: - Allows employees to pre-register visitors and schedule an appointment.

    Employee: This feature allows for employees to be notified when they have visitor

    Check Out:  Details of when visitors leave the premises are captured.

    Message: Through the Visitors Alert messages can be sent by employee to the receptionist/secretary concerning the management of his or her visitors as to whether available, unavailable, transfer of clients or visitors etc.

    Visitor information can be retained in the system, allowing returning visitors to be quickly signed-in in the future